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Hello everyone. Let me begin by telling you about myself. My kidney disease started when I was a child from developing streptococcus and in 1997 hypertension brought it back on again and from 1997 to 2004 I was doing hemodialysis 3 days a week 4 hrs per treatment Dec 26 2004 I received a transplant and it lasted 6yrs and in Oct 2010 it rejected and I was put back on hemodialysis for a short period due to I heard about peritoneal dialysis and I gave it a try for a few years until I was hospitalized with a severe case of peritonitis that almost took my life. From that moment I decided to go back to hemodialysis and I continued going to the center. Let me remind you that I was having so many heart problems from dialysis where I was stented out where I had to undergo open heart surgery with 6 bypasses. I began t notice how I continued to develop more heart problems while going to center so I began to research Nexstage and decided I wanted to give it try. Let me tell you that this was the best decision I ever made. Not only for the convenience but for my health. Since I have been doing Nexstage I have not been having near as many heat problems as before and I'm not as weak and sick as I would be when I leave the center due to this machine is a WHOLE LOT GENTLE on my body as well as my heart and you don't experience that hard pull you would experience with the machine at the center. For the first time in my life me and my family will finally get to experience a real vacation without having to go to a center for treatment and for the first time we can finally go on a cruise which we have never had the opportunity to do because of dialysis. With the Nextstage it's making this all possible and have made my life better so I can do the things I always wanted to do which is share with son in his sports and thanks to Nexstage I am a volunteer coach on his football team. Lately I Been talking to different people on Dialysis about the Nexstage how much better. I really enjoy sharing with people about the Nexstage.
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