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Hello I am the caregiver for my mom who is 78yrs old She has been a insulin dependent type 1 since the age of 16. It’s just the two of us. She was in an assisted living facility for a few months in 2016 following a serious near death episode. My father decided when she needed more care that after 65 years of marriage he would meet another woman online and leave her. When he did she stopped taking her medicine insulin eating etc. I was living about 3 hours away at the time and when I called daily to check on her she always said everything was fine never said anything about him leaving. I was called in the middle of the night she had called 911 saying the house was on fire and when they got to her she had such a low sugar it wouldn’t register. She had no idea who she was who I was where she was for months in the hospital. She was sent to a mental ward for two weeks following and was beginning to be able to know who people were what her name was where she was etc. she still required 24 hour care so I found a assisted living facility that was also a nursing home facility she was doing well but still confused and unable to remember anything new. I was her medical executor and we had power of attorney. The administrator had her sign paperwork for a insulin pump without my knowledge. If he would have asked he would have known she had already tried the pumps implanted and external before and her body does not tolerate regular insulin. So I took her out of there and I have a brand new Medtronic paradigm pink minimed insulin pump that has rubber case cloth case 3 boxes of reservoirs, 3 boxes of minimed Sure-T connectors/tubing and a countour next link glucose monitor all the books instructions etc. everything is new and doesn’t expire until end 2019. I have all the pics. I need to sell all of this so I can pay for extra care for her. Insurance won’t pay for 24 hr care at home and I am not sending her to a nursing home where she has half a room. If interested please email me. I also have a lot of glucerna size small pull-up briefs blue plastic under pads and tena incontinent pads. We do not use any of this anymore and have cases upon cases of these I hope someone can use. Thank you for reading my story and I pray I can help someone while helping her also.
Pediatric nurse looking for supplies for families without insurance or waiting on insurance and supporting a parent with type 1 diabetes. | Unknown Location

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