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•Hey there Everyone! = I am Looking for help with a “Loop” related project... Need help with programming —> *Any1 gots shweeet SWIFT programming skills?¿? ~~~> currently “Looping” ( using Humalog), My Hope is to ALSO use Afrezza on a limited/adjunctive basis, primarily for/in 3 specific types of instances. 1.) to bring down run-away or unexpected highs. 2.) for individuals with “brittle” diabetes, high insulin-resistance variability due to things like: sickness,stress,exercise, age, hormone-changes, medications, pregnancy, etc... 3.) for use with fast absorbing, high G.I. foods, &/or large, high-carb meals. due to Afrezza’s ultra-rapid onset, high and fast peak, and a noticeably short tail, But interestingly enough- it has a very gentle landing, so even when trying to bring down those tough, resistant highs, its surprisingly forgiving for those of us who sometimes may treat those “high-highs”, a smidge too aggressively.... It doesn’t slam your bg through the floor deep into the danger zone!!(like most other insulins I’ve tried do). It has (imo) a perfectly complimentary pharmokinetic profile. I Would like to add Afrezzas profile into Loop, and ideally be able to A.) when issuing a bolus, have two “options shown (if “dual mode” option is selected, when turned off- Loop looks and functions 100% normally ). For Dual Mode- The normal BG trend/projected-future graph, would instead have an additional “projected future glucose” line, that would show an alternative “projected-trend”line, based on the “new” modified forecast which would consist of an Afrezza recommendation & a “modified” Humalog recommendation. When performing a “dual” bolus using Afrezza & Humalog. You would receive a confirmation prompt to confirm the Afrezza administration was the correct dosage & the correct admin time. Only after your confirmation does the modified Humalog bolus begin. Due to Afrezzas rapid onset(appx: 2 minutes), if the actual bg #’s don’t follow the projection to within [+-10%] , the “dual mode” is automatically disabled, and the standard recommendation will be enacted. (Either via a prompt for an additional correction bolus, or autonomously via auto basal adjustments. <“prompt” or “auto-basal-correct” option acts as additional safety mechanism, accessible via the settings menu> )The standard projection(currently is based on a single insulin), therefore~ *This project would be more significantly more complicated & time consuming than just adding a “new” insulin model to the list... (we would have to code in the combined pharmokinetic-effects of the two different insulins working together AND &! because the Afrezza is self administered, theres the additional “self-admin-time” variable to account for. I have worked on, & thought-through most of the obvious potential “problems”/challenges that i could think of, but if there is anyone who has some real life experience using Afrezza- your thoughts, opinions, & insights would be extremely valuable, helpful, & and very much appreciated. My focus thus far, has been on “how-to” add & implement this new functionality, while strictly maintaining the pre-existing “safety-features” that were built into the original algorithm. If anyone is interested in helping work on this project,(in whatever capacity you’d enjoy. & as much & as often, or as little & as sparingly as your able. Every little bit helps! ——> you can contact me anytime day or night!! •###Via: email @ ### OR ###Via: call/txt @ (480) 980-4710. •Thanks!! 🙏🏼 -Chad
Living with type 1 diabetes. * Looping saved my life! Soo great!! Ask me about it ... | Scottsdale, AZ

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