Your Patient Services – Delivered

by Shoshana Nacass,

HelpAround’s mission is to alleviate the daily struggles of chronic patients and caregivers. The HelpAround platform allows organizations to match patients with the appropriate resources to improve patient access to care.

HelpAround allows chronics patients to join the platform by downloading the app specific to their condition and access a peer support network of patients like them. By offering linkage to care and real-time patient support in addition to crowd-sourced community support, HelpAround provides companies and organizations with a preferred channel to engage with their patients, improve access to care, increase retention and adherence while complying with healthcare regulations.

Real-time Coaching Tailored to Every Patient Journey

Provide your patients with the right coaching at the right time and link them to care resources, based on their specific context and condition, to bring back the focus to life rather than the chronic disease.

With HelpAround real-time patient support, patient organizations gain precious access to support their patients and help them live a better life, in a regulatory-compliant way.

Satisfaction Monitor

Powered by IBM Watson, our “Satisfaction Monitor” feature analyzes patient discussions and identifies patients who are dissatisfied with their experience or product, allowing you to offer remedies to their concerns.

Peer Support 

Give your patients a geo-located cross-device peer support network. Individuals are paired with similar peers based on their profile, location, and context. Mentor-matching and private messaging included.

Live Patient Support

Make yourself available to your patients via in-app chat. Spare them from long waits on the line, and address their concerns in a timely manner


Give your patients an award-winning alert system for their moments of distress.  Alert, our 2016-CES award winning service is available on iPhone, Android and on the Apple Watch. Alert is the simplest way to call for help. A single tap on the Alert button notifies three emergency contacts, texts them the patient’s exact location, and dials them into a conferences call.