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D-Veterans, would you support newly diagnosed community members via our 1:1 chat? Follow this post and we'll match you with someone in your area

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Tel Aviv, ISR
40 people signed up! You guys are incredible ✌️

Parrish, FL
btw besides following this post thought we should give some info of our experience. i am T1 with 40 yrs experience. Did single daily injection until about 10 years ago then went to mdi now have been on a pump for about a year. So if any newbie wants to vent or talk i am usually close to my phone. If you are feeling something about diabetes i can almost guarantee i have been there before.

Killen, AL
sure would been a diabetic for 21 years n on pump for 16 years live in alabama n work in louisiana

Lawton, OK
Diabetic for 19 years, I've been on the pump for 13 years, first 6 years I was MDI. I'd love to help with advice or even just conversation :)

Alexandra Hills, AUS
Type 1 Diabetic for 14 1/2 years now. My 1 year pump anniversary is the 25th 😍 Currently suffering from retinopathy (have been treated with laser and injections. Just waiting for cataract surgery), stage 3 diabetic nephrotic disease (also included with this is hypertension and edema/fluid overload

Unknown Location
I'd be happy to, though I'm only about three years in as a diabetic. Started on MDI, but have been on a pump (T:Slim) and CGM (DexCom) for the past 2 years, and also have experience trying out Symlin, Victoza, and Invokana.

Unknown Location
be happy to help. Type 2 on insulin. Diagnosed three years ago, on insulin since Oct 2012, now on pump (Omnipod) and CGM (Dexcom ).

Henderson, NV
I've been Type 1 for 21 years. Took MDI for 18 years been using the Omnipod for the last 3 years and using the Dexcom for about the last years

Los Angeles, CA
Type 1 diabetic for 16 1/2 years now. Been on a pump for 11 years now. I try to stay active and eat a low carb diet to help minimize highs so if anyone needs ideas, feel free to ask.

Littleton, MA
T1 for 42 years. On a pump for last 17 year and Dexcom CGM for last 6. Diagnosed as a kid in Ireland, though now living in the US.