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Hi I'm a type 1 for 29years and I'm only 30! Been through I would say everything life can throw at you with Diabetes&have come out smiling!So if I can help anyone please post a message & I'll try 2help

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Richmond, AUS
I need your help Anne

Hi Anne Marie thanks for message

I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 2011.
Prosperous, IRL
Hi Ann Marie that's great to know as my 12.5 yr old has type 1 since he was 10. Who knew bloods could be so sensitive and important!!

Belfast, GBR
My daughter was diagnosed just b4 she was 2 she now 13 and aghhhh is she rebelling how did u get through ur teenage years x

Ireland, IRL
Hi Amanda this app wasn't working for me so sorry for late reply! Yeah Amanda I did the whole rebelling thing! But now wish I hadn't show her this message! As now being 30 I find it Soooo hard!

Ireland, IRL
I'm trying to have baby number3 at the mo and getting my HbA1c back in range is so hard!plus I have kidney problems etc! So Amanda's Daughter pls keep on top of it&dont do same mistakes as me!

Ireland, IRL
Ashok how can I help? Felix ur welcome!

Ireland, IRL
Yeah Siobhon the more carb counting I do the more I learn about how sensitive blood sugar levels can be!

Werrington County, AUS
Hi Anne Marie. I have had type1 for 29 years and I am only 33. Sending hugs from Sydney Australia.

Saint-Lazare, CAN
Been type 1 over 24 years. I'm 47, life is great And everything is possible ! Keep it up.