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I'm 19 and I have had type 1 diabetes since I was 13... Everyday I wake up I feel sick to my stomach like I'm going to throw up does anyone have any suggestions?

57 Answers
Phoenix, AZ
Change your basil rates for over night. You are probably always high waking up.

Brooksville, FL
It sounds like high glucose what type of insulin are you taking?

Acton, CA
I'm on the insulin pump. And humalog

Brooksville, FL
Add a couple units of humalog to your evening dose so when you wake up the spike in the end should knock out the excess glucose

Acton, CA
I'll try that! Thankyou so much! I suck at managing my diabetes :/

Brooksville, FL
Me too sometimes

Ridgefield Park, NJ
Me 2 some days, even when my BS has been good. I think it is dehydration/ stomach acid related.

Ingleburn, AUS
Before changing any insulin, especially over night, make sure you are tracking your sugar levels at night and upon waking. If the way you feel sick isn't from high blood sugar increasing your insulin dosage overnight can be dangerous. What have your levels been like?

Lizton, IN
You could see if ur Dr's office had a CGM unit you could wear for a week. This would tell you how your BG is doing 24/7 over a few days. Many endo offices have units to try out.

Dodge City, KS
I've been feeling very sick too and I have my blood sugar under pretty good control! I also always yet when I wake up and it's never high when I feel sick. Always between 80-130