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Any T1's with tattoo's? My endo discourages even though my A1C is fine.

64 Answers
Belo Horizonte, BRA
I do have. I made it because my glucose was fine. It took a few days more to heal but I had no problemas.

Parrish, FL
i have three. including a diabetic medical tattoo. There is a facebook group called Diabetic Ink..check them out.

Hays, KS
I have one on my wrist. you never know. if you are in an accident and can't tell them you are diabetic how will they know. jewelry Cann fall off

Yes. I was very careful to watch for infection, but I had no problems.

Los Angeles, CA
I have one on my arm. made sure to wash everyday and kept a close eye on it. had no problems and plan on getting more. :)

Los Angeles, CA
my son's endo said he could get one, just need to make sure it doesn't get infected.

Black Canyon City, AZ
I got one this year. T1x33 years. Did it when bgs were good and kept a close eye on it.

Phoenix, AZ
I just got one, and my A1c is 10

Lansing, MI
It's one of them things. More of a personal choice - if you get one, great, just make sure it doesn't get infected. If you don't, that fine too😀 I don't have any, I don't particularly want one - though I've seen quite a few cool, interesting ones

Lapeer, MI
Tione- an A1c of 10 is way too high!!