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I just started using Afrezza (inhaled insulin). Still not sure how well it is working. Has anyone else been using it? Good or bad experiences?

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two questions: 1. how can you tell if you have inhaled the full amount? 2. can you take a number if units that is not a multiple of 4 or 8?

Chesterfield Township, NJ
look in the cartridge and you will see it empty. also the insert moves foward

Chesterfield Township, NJ
there is only 4 & 8 available now. 12 is coming shortly

Chesterfield Township, NJ
exhale first then inhale for two seconds. hold your breadth for two seconds and your good. should you find your throat scratchy after Afrezza try drinking water before and right after.

Chesterfield Township, NJ
also use coconut oil or flour it lowers your BG levels

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Littleton, MA
there's a review of Affrezza on a few days ago.

Living with type 1 diabetes.
Manhattan, NY
Keep in mind that only about about 56% has clinical efficacy in lowering BG. absorption isn't 100% fig 4u cartdiges to be like 2.5 u

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Lansing, MI
It's been available a few months

Chesterfield Township, NJ
I have been using Afrezza only for T2 and in 7 weeks my A1C went from 6.4 to 6. June 12th will be 3 months. This past week the maker of Afrezza had a share holders meeting. Read this link.

Chesterfield Township, NJ
This is from the maker of Afrezza 's shareholders meeting. The new inhaled insulin. Works great and no more Hypos