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My son was recently diagnosed (2 weeks ago) with T1D... He is 11 and is currently the only child in his K-8 elementary school... Any words of wisdom for a new dad with a son with T1D? Other than, just treat him like you would if he didn't have T1D...

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Bowling Green, KY
I've had diabetes since I was 10 and I'm now 21. I was never treated different in school. People can not look at you and tell you have diabetes. They only know of you tell them. I played sports my whole life (basketball soccer baseball) and had no problems. He is still a normal kid regardless and will be treated as one. It's normal to worry but it will be just fine!

type 1 diabetes
Elk Grove, CA
Just a word of encouragement, if you have to get it, it's better getting it younger than older. He can learn how to do things right, instead of finding out at 21 like me and having so much damage. Also, if he learns how to handle it properly, not only will he be healthy and normal, but he will most likely be healthier than his friends. He won't grow up eating the junk....

Boston, MA
Hey John , I was 11 when I was diagnosed all you can do is b the great Dad you have always been and help him thru this and u will both learn together and it's best you found out now so you can get right on top of it! I am now 47 and am still surviving no complications and I am by no means a poster boy for Jd but I live!

Sandston, VA
I know how u feel my 5yr daughter is the only 1 @ her school w/T1D, but thank goodness they have made the necessary adjustment just 4 her. Now she is the schools lil princess and she is eating it up!

Gilbert, AZ
If it's a public school they HAVE to accommodate your child. Nothing is perfect, but don't be afraid to to address specific issues with teachers/nurse, etc. also keep your son directly involved in his own care. You are there to support him, but the more he is in control the more empowered he will be.

Sackville, AUS
I was diagnosed when I was 11. Be there for him as he gets older and don't think he has it under control all the time because it can be hard to keep it under control when u become a teenager.

Goose Creek, SC
I was diagnosed when I was 2. I was the only one who has diabetes so I was in it alone. Tell him that he is strong and be himself. He can't change what he has. He shouldn't feel ashamed of what he has. Let him be proud of it because he's strong enough to get through it. Let him feel like he's not alone and help him when he needs it

Miami, FL
Hi my son had also had t1 since he was two years old. The best advice I can give you is to monitor ceaselessly. But let him know he's not the only one out there .

Belfast, GBR
My daughter has had type one for 11 years now she is 13 only thing I can tell u is it's a hard age and just take one day at a time good luck x

Pickerington, OH
Balance. Diabetes and enjoying life. It's a constant struggle but eventually will become 'normal' to all of you.