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My son was recently diagnosed (2 weeks ago) with T1D... He is 11 and is currently the only child in his K-8 elementary school... Any words of wisdom for a new dad with a son with T1D? Other than, just treat him like you would if he didn't have T1D...

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Garwood, NJ
Make sure you have a 504 plan in place!! Put the obvious on it!! My daughter was once denied her medical supplies because the nurse wasn't available. Our 504 plan now says " must have full access to all medicine and supplies at all times!"

Austin, TX
Read all you can educate yourself , especially with signs of low sugar / high sugars . Look up all the carb free foods keep them stocked in your fridge . I carry peanut butter crackers and juice box with me all the time , just in case of lows . You will get the hang of it , just love him...

Supporting a child: type 1 diabetes
Petersburg, VA
there is a really good website called mycareconnect, and an app called Blue Loop that links to the website. i think ist a great way to improve communication between parents, school nurse, and doctors to manage medical conditions. it was designed by the mother of a type one child, and its free.

Baulkham Hills, AUS
Be supportive but let him breath don't smother him, because he could start to resent you and maybe the diabetes. Good luck do what you think is right for your son and yourself 😀

Pipersville, PA
Make sure you keep glucose tabs on him at all times and a glucagon pen! Also, since he is in school make sure he is assigned a buddy in his classes to walk him to the nurse incase of low blood sugar. He should never go alone. - Tara 25yrs old, type 1 diabetic for 17years

Castlemaine, AUS
Make sure he isn't scared to tell his mates teachers everyone that is around him that he has T1D hope all goes well with him and the rest of his family T1D is a very big shock and I don't wish it on anyone I have been a T1D since I was 5 now I am 24 years old good luck to the champ

Ontario, NY
My daughter was the same age as your son when she was diagnosed. She too is the only T1D in her school. Her early diagnosis really impacted her life and the way her day to day runs. We got her on the pump within 6 months of her diagnosis and once she was on that her quality of life improved dramatically. I am a firm believer in the pump. So push for your son to be put on it. You also need to egg a 504 plan in place ASAP. This protects you and your son. You can look up basic 504 plans on the internet and the fine tune it to your needs. Hers is very very tuned into her needs and I have had to call the school out on their violations Good luck!

Sweetwater, TX
My daughter was starting 2nd grade, when we found out. Teacher didn't want to learn anything...she was bullied. 504 plan should be in place, even if your child doesn't need it now. Plus everyone at the meet signs, so they know what needs to be done. Good luck

Fayetteville, NC
My son was 10 when he was diagnosed. He's now 12. School has been tough & he gets picked on because he carries a "kit" everywhere & kids call it a purse (we now use a camera bag for all his supplies) it can be very hard on them. I've found it's best to have his teacher have a discussion with the children about what diabetes is, that they can't catch it, why he needs snacks etc. I hope he adjusts well. Just be sensitive, & be his champion, because you will have some battles ahead. Good luck

Rogers, AR
Man I was diagnosed when I was 4, and school was hard. As I looked back at school I found out that that the kids that were making fun of me just didn't know what diabetes was, there for because I was different they made fun of me. When I was in school I never had to carry anything around with me except a piece of candy. Life with diabetes is hard, and I would say treat him with love, he is different and that is not always bad. I used to be mad at the world because I had diabetes, but one day I sat down and thought about it and really it was good because I had to be active I could not just be a couch potato so I had to be active. If there is one thing I could say to you is this, people always make fun of people who are different and your son and I were/are different, but not everyone around your son needs to know tell him to keep everything in the nurses office. And this I just remembered, I when to a high school in California and the had little cards they gave to me that was a pass to go to the bathroom/nurses office/ front of the lunch line/, all I had to do was show the teacher the card and it took care of everything, maybe you can talk to your sons school about something like that.