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My son was recently diagnosed (2 weeks ago) with T1D... He is 11 and is currently the only child in his K-8 elementary school... Any words of wisdom for a new dad with a son with T1D? Other than, just treat him like you would if he didn't have T1D...

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New Port Richey, FL
Welcome to being a type one dad! Were parents and like I tell others were a walking pancreas!

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Oviedo, FL
I was diagnosed at 11 it's a lifestyle change but once he gets used to it it's just a part of his daily routine.

Kutztown, PA
I was four when I was diagnosed and I know a lot of people through diabetes camp who were diagnosed older. I know the transition is harder with an older diagnosis. Help him as much as possible but don't be afraid to let him take care of himself as he gets used to it. Also T1D camps are amazing. I'm a counselor there now. Look into one in your area! KDKC is a great one in PA and Kudzu, located in GA is awesome too. Beat Gap is in California.

Pembroke Pines, FL
My son started kindergarten this year. Two days before school started the school assembled a team which included, Principle, Asst. Principle, Nurses, Teachers and Teachers Aides. We had a meeting with all of them to explain the symptoms of high and low BGs and what to do about each. After a couple of weeks we realized that since he had a meter that stayed at school and one for home that we were not able to monitor his BGs and regulate his insulin. So we requested that a copy of their log be sent home every Friday so we could track his numbers. It has really helped us to completely monitor him.

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Westfield, NJ
hi Craig- we've had nurses or teachers send a daily email or text (or a written log if they were anti tech). not a huge burden on them but very helpful. even if you have a single tester it eases the transition from school to home.

Rome, GA
Encourage him to do all his friends do

Abington, PA
My husband was 7 when he was diagnosed. He said he went to the camps and had a great time. In school he demonstrated how to give injections and educated the kids in his class and let them ask questions that way they didn't think he was weird. Also helped so they new what to do if his sugars dropped.

Supporting a child: type 1 diabetes
Manasquan, NJ
Rebekah...thanks for the heads up wrt rights at school. I will definitely look into them Rhonda... I already love coffee so I am there already. And Shane is spending plenty of time with his new BFF aka school nurse Sarah...classmates have been great walking him down to the nurse's office when he feels effects of low BS. Bracelet is a great idea too. Right now he has a band. Suni...all about trying to find the balance of BS so he can have a "regular" day Heather... Very funny. Thanks for the smile Michelle... Shane loves routine. Just need to balance BS. Elizabeth... Camps sound like a great idea. I will do my research Craig... Nurse already on too of logs through texting all good so far John... Exactly what we are trying to do thanks Pinkie... I spoke to Shane about the demo and allowing his classmates to ask questions. What she did your husband do the demo. Shane is in 5th grade and I think he might be ready by end of the school year. He us already doing BS checks. Thank you everyone for great ideas and tips. Keep them coming. Anyone using pumps? If yes what age? And any recommendations on which ones?

New Port Richey, FL
6 years old boy ping

Kutztown, PA
I went on the Disetronic way back in the day when I was seven. But when they were discontinued do went on the Animas and then the Animas Ping. I love it!