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My son was recently diagnosed (2 weeks ago) with T1D... He is 11 and is currently the only child in his K-8 elementary school... Any words of wisdom for a new dad with a son with T1D? Other than, just treat him like you would if he didn't have T1D...

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Itasca, IL
Make sure you get a 504 plan in place. Meet with the nurse as well. People might not understand ups/downs or if he misses school. My daughter is the only kid out of over 600 that has t1d and it took

Itasca, IL
Awhile to get everyone on board.

Ottawa, CAN
I was diagnosed when I was 8 just make sure he never gets embarrassed of his disease because it makes it a lot harder. My mom also got nurses to come to the school and explain to my class and teachers