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Hi, my son was diagnosed with type 1 about 4 months ago. He is now two. I was looking for someone who has a kid my sons age or has a kid that was diagnosed this young. I have lots of questions and want advice. Maybe point me in the right direction?

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Oviedo, FL
Hi Kevin, there is a really well done PodCast by a T1 Dad called "Juice Box Pod Cast". He has done some great interviews and he share a lot about how his family navigates T1D. Good luck to you guys.

Penngrove, CA
Thank you.

Unknown Location
Please join parents of type 1 diabetics on Facebook. Very helpful group parents. Me being one of them.

Unknown Location
You should join P.O.K.E.D (parents of kids experiencing diabetes) on facebook it's a great resource!

Toledo, OH
my son was diagnosed just after he turned 2, he's almost 10 now.

Denver, CO
My little one was diagnosed at 16 months. She is 3 now. I can’t say enough about the omnipod and Dexcom for this age.

Kannapolis, NC
My son was diagnosed at 2 and is now 11.

Unknown Location
if you haven't already you should try the Beyond type 1 app. it's basically a social media app for diabetics and their families. You can ask questions and see what other people are dealing with and maybe help them as well

My daughter was diagnosed about 4 months after her 2nd birthday