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Does anyone else's son/daughter have a real bad attitude and or act differently when their sugar is above 300?

52 Answers
Giv'ot Bar, ISR
yes. my daughter,12 , very angry when her sugar is above 200...

Giv'ot Bar, ISR
im from israel...not egypt.

GA, United States
Good to know! He turns into a total different person!

West Chester, PA
Yes! My DD is very grouchy when high.

Unknown Location
Yes! Over 350 my son is grumpy and become insulin resistance.

Chelsea, AL
All T1s are affected by highs and lows in this way, especially over time. Be patient and love her through the highs and lows. Sending hugs 💙

Bryan, TX
The trick is getting them to realize it. Mine says, not everything has to do with diabetes. Ugh

Weehawken, NJ
Yes my daughter can get very angry over 300

Palmdale, CA
My son is 6 and gets such an attitude when his blood sugar is high.

I'm 21, still happens to me. I also get pretty claustrophobic if I'm in a place I feel like I can't leave (planes are the worst). it's miserable and only happens when I'm high.