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How in the world do you sell a pump? I somehow got my insurance improve two pumps but I like my meditonic more than my t slim. Perplexed in San Diego

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Mt Laurel, NJ
Can I ask what you like about the tslim better? I have MEDtronic and I'm due for an upgrade just not sure about switching to tslim. I like some of the features

San Diego, CA
I actually like the Medtronic better. The tslim worked fine, nice smooth screen but it reminded me of when you further a new phone and you don't have protective cover for it. Plus you would have to, I think, sleep near wall outlet to charge. I'm not sure if tslim and dexcom came together but if they did that's a plus, medtronic Cgm was not fun for me.

Franklin, OH
Mercedes on this site is looking for a pump.

Washington Court House, OH
I'm looking for one :) but I'm in ohio

Washington Court House, OH
How much were you thinking

San Diego, CA
I wasn't sure I would have to contact tslim to ask how to transfer one over and warranties. I'm not sure about cost I know out of pocket it's about couple thousand. you can email me at

West Bloomfield Township, MI
Hey San Diego..... My closest friend who recently passed away was a diabetic since he was 2 and he had a Medtronic for years and then switched to the T=-Slim. He felt it was far superior to the Medtronic. The colored screen was larger and easier to read and the pump just seemed to be much smarter when it came to putting in carbs and glucose levels and getting a good calculation on amount of insulin to deliver. I have his T-Slim (about 7 months old I would guess) and his Medtronic couple of years old (seems like he was getting it replaced every 6 months when he would see a small crack in the outer case). I have gotten involved with both pumps in helping him and I also felt the T-Slim was a superior system.

type 1 diabetes
Unknown Location
Only problem with T-Slim is that to prime it takes about 25 units which is a crap load! The first generation of T-Slim had a lot of issues but I believe it has gotten a lot better but still requires a crap load of insulin to prime and there's no way around that 😔

type 1 diabetes
Caldwell, ID
Sent a pm

Texarkana, TX
I have a pump. I’m willing to get rid of. Contact me in a message