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If anybody is looking for a t1 pen pal for their child/teen please contact me. We have a program through T1D Mod Squad where we match kids up!

29 Answers
Pooler, GA
This is awesome! I can't wait until my little guy is old enough to appreciate something like this!

Corona, CA
Samantha please come add on our t1d mod squad site on FB! We have 9 month old t1's all the way up to 70's! Great support

Pooler, GA
Will do! Mine is almost 2 :)

Jacksonville, FL
My child is very interested. She's a recently diagnosed 12 year old, looking for a pen pal. It's proving to be harder than we thought.

Colorado Springs, CO
MY daughter would love it she is 10 and dx 3/15/2014

Queens, NY
My son is interested in getting a pen pal. He is 11 and has been a t1 diabetic since 2012

London, GBR
Yes I have a 8 year old t1 how do I sign up?

Albuquerque, NM
That is an awesome idea my son is only 3 though

Washington, DC
We are Facebook and mod friends. I'm sure you were a friend with my daughter too. She had to delete her Facebook account to stop the harassing from my ex and his wife. She needs encouragement. Diagnosed 2007.

Effort, PA
My granddaughter is type 1 and she is 15 . She has been diabetic since she was 8