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Omnipod for sale! I have 2 and only need 1. Anyone who cannot afford one please let me know.#diabetes #t1d #insulin

18 Answers
Jupiter, FL
hi Raissa, I'm looking for a backup PDM for my son. it's starting to have issues not recognizing strips are inserted and I am fearful it's going to die on us before I'm ready to shell out 500 bucks. not asking for anything free and I you still have Id consider purchasing,

Supporting a friend.
Staunton, VA
She ready gave it away :-(

Supporting a friend.
Staunton, VA

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2018.Living with gestational diabetes since 2017.
Terre Haute, IN

Victorville, CA
I have one for sale for $350. I also have 3 boxes of unexpired pods for $200 each. Please contact me if interested.

Baltimore, MD
Are they still for sell

United Kingdom, GBR
Hi I am interested to buy an omnipod.let me know if you still have it and if it new.thanks a lot.

Living with type 1 diabetes.
Beaver Falls, PA

United Kingdom, GBR
Hi I am interested for a girl which is 10years old and have diabetes types 1since when she was 5years old she is struggling so many time need to do insulin a day will be very helpful to have an omnipotent. Please let me know if you can help me I can pay some money for it I need to help her mum. Thanks a lot

Mt Hope, KS
How much and is it still available? Need one for my son. If it is please email me at