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In need on novolog vial OR pens! Anyone have any to sell?

187 Answers
Brooklyn, NY
I've got humalog vials you can take. 4-5 of them. I'm on a "pumpcation" at the moment. In Newport RI.

Guilford, CT
Can you ask your dr for samples? That's what I do

Battle Ground, WA
I have novolog vials for sale if you are still lookin

Lexington Park, MD
I have three I can sell

I have plenty of cartridge refills. Send me a pm

Hartford, CT
I have a lot if you still need them

Newington, CT
Thank you but my insurance finally got figured out!!

Lexington Park, MD
I have novolog for sale of you ever need it

Powell, OH
I have pens if still in need

Unknown Location
I have a bunch of novolog flex pens for sale my grandma doesn't like to take so much medicine so I told her I'd help her sell them so she can have money to help around the house she has about 17 pks of 5 if anyone is interested you can email me @ she also has the needle top to go with them as well