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Has anyone else noticed that your blood sugar goes up while you are sleeping. I will often go to sleep with my blood sugar in the 80s and wake up in the high 100s to low 200s

50 Answers
Mine used to do that I am now on the pump and now wake up in the 80-120

Most likely ur going low while sleeping so ur spilling out fake sugar and ur blood shoots up

Gravel Switch, KY
How well is your doctor monitoring your long acting insulin? May have to adjust it accordingly.

Juno Beach, FL
Mine are always highest first thing in the morning

Santa Clara, CA
Same thing happens to me I hate it

San Angelo, TX
Around 2:30 am

Big Sandy, TX
It's called honeymooning and if someone could tell how to avoid this id love to know bc I'm 17 years of being diabetic and have always had this problem

Williston, ND
Hi this happens to me every night for months , my diabetes educator called it liver dumping , check the internet it will explain in detail why it happens, to diabetics .

Amelia Court House, VA
My son has type 1 his sugar actually drops in his sleep does that ever happen to you guys?

Linthicum Hts, MD
The other day something like that happened to me. My BS was 146 before bed about 2 am it was up to 280. So I tried a bolus but it was still climbing, so I changed out my fusion set and it finally started coming down.