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I'm actually a mom to a 5 year old that's been recently diagnosed with t1&he's been saying pretty heartbreaking stuff like I wish I could die or I hate my life I've tried everything any1 have ideas

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Rishon LeZion, ISR
I think you can ask for help from pshycologist. this really can help to deal with the stuff and help you to find ways to help him to deal with diabetes. you can try to find another kid of his age who deals with the same thing.

Manhattan, NY
I'd be happy to speak w him. I've had type 1 for ten years. Live in west village

Littleton, MA
That's heartbreaking. Have you looked at the website? Maybe other parents dealing with same challenge. I've had T1 for 42 years and having a great life.

Paramus, NJ
My daughter was 6 when dx. She's almost 17. We would be happy to talk to your little boy! He might need a little interaction with others. Have you looked into the jdrf? They have great programs!

Stratford, CT
it is very had for kids to be diagnosed with this chronic disease as kid love to eat every candy or sweets they see. I thing a psychologist can help him. also talk to your doctor about the pump is easier for him as it will take away injecting him a few times a day to once every 3 days. it will also manage his sugars better. I was diagnosed at 10 years old now am 32 I would have wish I had the pump then and not as an adult. good luck with your Lil one and God Bless you.

Brooklyn, NY
also a CGM makes diabetes much easier and manageable

Allow him to have some time to express his feelings, but let him know that it's ok to be mad, but eventually you pick yourself up and keep going. I have two teens who went through this too.

Santa Rosa, CA
I feel this way a lot and I am still working through it. Depression is a very hard thing and it is soooo crapy. To him I would say, it's going to be okay, everything is going to be alright. Hug him and hold him tight. Make him know that you are there for him. Unfortunately I would keep him under watch until this depression is over because sometimes kids might want to hurt themselves. ☹️ But he needs to understand that whatever you do is for his safety. Maybe consider a pump, a CGM, anything that makes it easier. I went to diabetes camp in the summer and I know that time is close so definitely look into summer diabetes camps. They are so much fun and I love them!! I always want to go back and it makes me feel like if I was not a type 1 diabetec I would not be able to go. If he wants to eat certain things, give it too him, if he is on the shots give him a reward for cooperating with you. Go do more fun things, try and focus on the positive things in life. Life is good and we all go through hard times and I know all of us can say yes to that. I know it. His time is know. He will get through this and he will be a stronger boy then he ever has before. I know it. 😉

Unknown Location
My ten year old daughter could talk to him or even send him letters she's been type 1 for 6 years. She has been through that herself.

Brooklyn, NY
My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed when she was 8 it's so heartbreaking let us know how we can help I bought her a book and her teacher read to the class it was nice and it helped a little biggest thing I get it's not fair and will I die from this ughh!