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Hi there. Looking for a mentor/friend for my 12 yr old. Diagnosed 2 yrs ago with type one diabetes and has lost confidence and could use some warm coaching or sop port. Dan be a tween or teen via phone and skype. Thank you

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Winter Garden, FL
I'll ask my daughter she's 11 and has been diagnosed since she was 6 yrs, she's been on the pump for nearly three years:)

Kingsville, CAN
Hi I'm cassie I'm 16 and have had type 1 for 7 years I've been through quite a bit with coping and confidence with my diabetes but I've got through it and am doing extremely well

Kingsville, CAN
If your daughter needs any help or advice she can contact me 😊

Tel Aviv, ISR
Just making sure that everyone knows - you can "go private" by tapping on someone's photo and sending a private message :-)

Colorado Springs, CO
I'm 16 and have had t1 for 11 years and got through tough times and if she needs help she can contact me ☺️

Milwaukee, WI
Hello my name is vashana

Colorado Springs, CO

Philadelphia, PA
Hey i'm 15 and i've had type 1 for 12 years. If you have questions let me know.

Kuna, ID
I'm 18 been diabetic for almost 16 years. I love kids! I'd b happy to help!!

Plainfield, IN
I would suggest a diabetic camp - especially for her age. It built up my confidence at age 13. It was the best eye-opening experience my parents did for me as a diabetic. I became a counselor a