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What do you think about medtronic's pumps!?

24 Answers
Karmiel, ISR
yo ya tengo desde hace casi 20 anios y estoy muy conforme por la utilidad que me brinda,el servicio y la continua actualizacion de los aparatos

Martínez, ARG

Washington, DC
I love it...

Parrish, FL
all pumps do the exact same thing...deliver insulin. when it comes to different pump companies each one has different features so your favorite one might not be mine..check them all out before you decide..that being said i have medtronics pump and love it except for screen size

Berlin Charter Twp, MI
i use T:Slim. I love touch screen and bright colorful display.

Concord, NC
I have been type 1 for 19 years but only on the pump for the last 2 years. So far the Medtronics pump is the only one I have used but it has worked great and I have no complaints or intentions of going back to multiple shots per day.

Emery, UT
I L♡VE my 530G from Medtronics. I have had Type 2 since July 11 2006 and tetering into T1. My diabetes came from high doses of steroids for my transplant. Things got SUPER crazy about a year and a half ago. This pump has absolutely saved my life and my husband's nerves. I also like being able to have support 24/7 just a phone call away with Medtronic. This 530G is my first and only pump thus far. I can't see changing to a different one as this seems to be perfect for me. I have my A1C down to 5.6 :)

Martínez, ARG

Caboolture, AUS
Well I like the newest one they have. (I'm not on a pump at the moment but that's the one I'm getting) it seems really good and easy to use.

Barnesville, GA
I love my mini med it has helped me get things right especially the Cgm. The costumer service is by far the best in my opinion.