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What do other T1's do to manage pain in their feet and lower legs?

16 Answers
Chantilly, VA
I take Neurontin for it and once it got in my system I felt much better. Ask your doctor about it

type 1 diabetes
Helena, AL
How long did it take to develop pain in feet?

type 1 diabetes
Monahans, TX
I take lyriica

type 1 diabetes
Santa Rosa, CA
Personally, I try and not get to that stage in diabetes.

Vicks vapor rub!!!

type 1 diabetes
i just started using liodocain love it got so tired of putting ither poision in my body

type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, LADA, gestational diabetes
McConnells, SC
I use lyrica 100mg 2xs a day

omg my feer hurt so bad at times I cry and cant hardly walk

type 1 diabetes
Fort Wayne, IN
I take neurotin 600mg 3times daily, diclofinac twice daily...meditations and relation exercise daily really helps a lot too, hot baths with your favorite relaxing suds, body rubs for aches pains and lite massaging helps you eat, and get plenty of rest

type 1 diabetes
my feet and legs hav also hurt so bad i can not walk. i have had luck with high doses of B vitamins, esp B1 thiamine. B complex is what i ise and dolic acid. i have recemrly been jearing about dish oil. the product that Larry Ling does an infomercial on. good luck.