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I have been been getting really low blood sugar (around the 50s) ever since I came back to college a week and a half ago. I'm usually in class when it starts to happen or really far away from my dorm. Also I eat a healthy well balanced breakfast and lunch. The only thing is that I have to walk a lot since it is a really big campus. It is really scaring me. Does anyone have any opinions on what can help me?

23 Answers
Great Neck, NY
are you taking insulin? I assume you carry hi carb snacks in case you go low??

Supporting someone: type 1 diabetes, LADA
Jacksonville, FL
Yea I'm on insulin. I try to carry snack and glucose tablets but it is scaru

St. Catharines, CAN
Your insulin carb ratio is off/changed. calculate a new ratio at the end of the day and adjust insulin for the next day based on that. when I was first diagnosed my pancreas sputtered so I had the same situation as you.

Supporting a friend: Home Hemodialysis
Linthicum Heights, MD
Latasha, just curious - what resources exist on campus for newly diagnosed type-1s? Does the school provide anything?

Supporting someone: type 1 diabetes, LADA
Jacksonville, FL
I haven't heard of anything yet besides a support group called students with diabetes. I don't know anything else, but we do have wonderful doctors that work on campus for free

Supporting someone: type 1 diabetes, LADA
Jacksonville, FL
I also see a nutritionist who is really nice. I am trying to get linked with an endocrinologist here (which I hear is very good) so I don't have to go back to my hometown every time

Siler City, NC
I always carry glucose tablets, and test after 15 minutes, and if it hasn't gone up I eat a carb and protein snack which will raise it and keep it in place. That usually works for me. Juice never seemed to work well for me.

Trabuco Canyon, CA
Try carrying smarties

Tallahassee, FL
If you are on a set basal rate, look to lower them during the times you feel like you are going low.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Try using glucerna snacks or drinks