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I just lost my job and insurance. I have enough Insulin to last me until Friday. Is there anyone that can spare some humalog? I'm desperate at this point

30 Answers
St Joseph, MO
I messaged you

Belmont, CA
Where do yoi live?

@Rakhi in South carolina

Belmont, CA
Its helpfui to state where you live incase there is a member close to you

Bronx, NY
If hou can use Fiasp i can sens you some

Unknown Location
I have some Message me

Unknown Location
I can spare 1 vial, but don't like shipping insulin.

Unknown Location
(Im in the NC/SC area)

Newport, MN
how are things going?

Racine, WI
I can spare a bottle. I'm in WI tho. How do I ship it properly?