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This one's kinda for the ladies, but I don't know maybe guy diabetics have this problem too? Do y'all experience frequent bladder and yeast infections? If so have you found anything that helps? Thanks

27 Answers
Ireland, IRL
Yea diabetics are prone to yeast and other infections daktacort is good for yeast infections and cranberry for urinary tract infections too

Prescott Valley, AZ
I use Diflucan, the generic is Fluconozol. Only thing that works for me. Yogurt does help but it has to be the kind with Live Active Cultures. I've heard people say they even put it on the area!

Prescott Valley, AZ
I also have a friend who will put a garlic inside... Doctors have told me that too but I've never tried it.

Charleston, IL
That's how I found out I was a diabetic!

Monongahela, PA
Take probiotics

Monongahela, PA
and Yes even men get yeast infections

Monongahela, PA
Probiotics was supposed to b in front of and sry

Bondi Junction, AUS
Probiotics for sure!

Living with type 2 diabetes since 2009.
Paso Robles, CA
Cranberry juice works for me. Good luck

Madison, WI
I take 100mg of Diflucan every day. Also try to take probiotic capsule every day (like eating 10 cups of yogurt) I have had an ongoing yeast infection for years now, unfortunately.