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This one's kinda for the ladies, but I don't know maybe guy diabetics have this problem too? Do y'all experience frequent bladder and yeast infections? If so have you found anything that helps? Thanks

27 Answers
Victoria, TX
Diflucan. I have a never ending script for it.

Victoria, TX
Not sure of the spelling.

Irwinton, GA
Ok thank u Dani I'll have to try that.

Pottstown, PA
blood sugar control ore lack thereof causes yeast infections.

Bethalto, IL
Monastat cream found at walmart

Warren, MI
Story of my life! I take diflucan at least once a week and a steroid like cream for the outside. The gives me a script for both. Nothing over the counter seems to work for me.

Plainfield, IN
I eat yogurt for a snack everyday to keep the yeast infection from returning. Also, drink lots of water & get some vitamins w/cranberry in it. But yes high blood sugars do cause infections.

Columbus, OH
Diflucan and monist at cream on the outside and yogurt are the best treatments for yeast.

Watton, GBR
Yoghurt helps a lot

New Hyde Park, NY
Never got one while I have been on insulin