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My insurance won't cover two expensive purchases within a certain amount of time. I want a CGM but need a pump. Do any pumps have CGM's in them or am I just wishing too hard?

31 Answers
Franklin, OH
Medtronic Minimed has a pump with a CGM in it. :)

Cartersville, GA
The 530G has the CGM built in but you have to purchase the transmitter and sensors so you still have to run both through insurance. You can self pay but it's very expensive. I think the transmitter alone is $1500-$2000

Cartersville, GA
(Medtronic 530G w Enlite CGM system)

Chantilly, VA
Thanks! You guys are awesome!

Citra, FL
Call Medtronic....they deal with insurance issues but the 530g with enlite sensor is a unite sold together even though you pay for items individually...

Zionsville, IN
Check to see if you prescription insurance will cover the sensors. I didn't know until I checked and that was a $1,000 savings to me. The only bad part is I have to file the claim manually b/c the insu

Zionsville, IN
Insurance canny and Medtronic didn't have a partnership with prescriptions so the billed as a medical device instead.

Columbia, SC
I am not sure, but I think Medtronic may have the 2 in 1.

Amarillo, TX
Medtronic doesn't have one in it but it comes WITH one as far as I know.

Havertown, PA
Metronics does come with one but not in it