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Is anyone on an insulin pump and using novolog insulin? I'm currently using apidra insulin in my pump but now my insurance decided not to cover it anymore so now I need to switch FAST. My insurance covers novolog so I was wondering if this insulin is any good? Has anyone had any problems with it?

51 Answers
I've been using Novalog after switching from Humalog because of insurance and have no issues.

Colusa, CA
We started on humalog but my daughter body would reject it after pumping 24 hrs. We switched to apidra for 1 year now we use novolg. It is by far the best no problems with rejection or insulin cooking out.

Albuquerque, NM
I have only used Novalog in my insulin pumps cause that's all my insurance pays for but humalog works best for me!

I had no issues when I went on it.

Albuquerque, NM
But I have been on NovaLog for a really long time I think close to 15 years if not longer and have used HumaLog when I can get it or when the insurance will pay for it and when I first got diabetes 26 years ago I was using insulin called Regular I have used those 3 types of insulin I may have used others but I know for sure I have used those 3 and HumaLog always has worked best for me! NovaLog is a good insulin but doesn't work the best for me! It may be different for you cause everyone is different but Novalog is pork made insulin and HumaLog is a man made insulin so I think that's why it may work better for me!

West Palm Beach, FL
I used to use Humilin with syringes, but my sites atrophied so I was switched to novolog ? (slow acting), which I was told was also humanized insulin. Then I went to the Minimed pump and started on Novolog (fast acting) and it works great with my body. I think they are both humanized insulins: Humilog and Novolog. I didn't think doctors use beef and pork made insulins anymore. Wow. I guess they could, but why?

McDonough, GA
Hi Rosie i use novolog or humalog, and it work very good, my insurance cover for my humalog

Rockville Centre, NY
I use the minimed 530 g with novolog insulin. Insurance made me switch from Humalog to novolog. There is no difference. It us actually better than apidra for use in the pump.

Unknown Location
I have used novolog for years, I personally don't see a difference between that and humolog

Lawrenceville, GA
Novolog and Humalog are the same just different manufacturers. I have no insurance and Lilly decided to reject me last year. I applied for Novolog and was immediately approved. I’ve bern on it for a year with no problems.