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Is anyone on an insulin pump and using novolog insulin? I'm currently using apidra insulin in my pump but now my insurance decided not to cover it anymore so now I need to switch FAST. My insurance covers novolog so I was wondering if this insulin is any good? Has anyone had any problems with it?

51 Answers
Topeka, KS
I'm on novolog and it work great with My Medtronic pump !

Columbia, SC
That is all I have ever used.

Savannah, GA
You can go on there website and get a card for free insulin that is what I use

type 1 diabetes
Sunrise, FL
Thanks all of you. I'm now using novolog and my blood sugars have been so much better :-)

Columbia, SC
I have only usedNovalog.

Winter Garden, FL
We use had to do the opposite to you and it really didn't make any difference for my daughter

Muskogee, OK
I use novolog in my pump

Littleton, CO
My boyfriend uses Humalog in his pump. It works well for him.

Boulder City, NV
I use novo log in the pen form it works pretty good

West Bloomfield Township, MI
I have used novolog for years and I love it.