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Is anyone on an insulin pump and using novolog insulin? I'm currently using apidra insulin in my pump but now my insurance decided not to cover it anymore so now I need to switch FAST. My insurance covers novolog so I was wondering if this insulin is any good? Has anyone had any problems with it?

51 Answers
Ringgold, GA
I absolutely love Novolog in the insulin pump. Never had a problem with it yet

type 1 diabetes
Sunrise, FL
Thank you SO much for your reply Melissa!

Richmond, VA
I use novo log in my omnipod. No problems at all!

type 1 diabetes
Sunrise, FL
Thank you Renee! :)

Marietta, GA
My son uses it with his Ping and has had no issues.

Kelseyville, CA
I've been using novolog for years with injections and now with the pump. It's fine. I think the only real difference in rapid acting insulins is the name on the bottle.

type 1 diabetes
Sunrise, FL
Thanks you Sirena and Kelly! Already called my doctor to switch :).

Pottstown, PA
I am and no problems.

Ellinwood, KS
My 3 use Novolog in their pumps and it works great for us! We were forced to switch to Humalog by our insurance and that didn't go very well, so we're back on our beloved Novolog! :)

Littleton Common, MA
I was forced to switch also. I didn't have any problems. I didn't need to adjust my pump settings. Good luck.