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For those that take insulin with your meals, how do you go about taking it when you're out at a restaurant or other social gatherings? Do you take it out in front of everyone or do you try to find a secluded spot to take it? How does it make you feel when you take it, knowing people are curious?

64 Answers
Hubert, NC
I always make sure I'm in a booth and the inside seat so I can inject. I've gotten so use to it it rarely bothers me anymore. If you're uncomfortable go to the rest room. My hubby laughs at me now... Time to shoot up! 😉

Bognor Regis, GBR
I just do it discreetly

Cocoa Beach, FL
I just take it sitting down as normal you should not worry about what others think

Cocoa Beach, FL

Butler, PA
I always went and excused my self and went to the bathroom

Columbia, SC
When I wasn't using, I would just inject through my clothing. Most people know I am a diabetic and I feel I do not need to hide it!

New Hyde Park, NY
I usually always excuse myself and use the bathroom

Orlando, FL
This is a challenge I had for years and to be truthful, I would sometimes "forget" or wait until I was out of the restaurant. Getting my first pump ten years ago changed my life...

Gillsville, GA
I just ask if anyone will be offended if I test and take my insulin. I've never had anyone tell me no, and no one pays any attention to what I'm doing anyway.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2012.
Spring Creek, NV
I just do it. If anyone is offended with your way of surviving they can either deal with it or leave. Either way their opinions are their problem not yours.