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Does anyone have any ideas on getting supplies like insulin and strips without insurance? I have been spending so much money!! Help!

47 Answers
Statesville, NC
Me and my daughter are both type 1 and we have no insurance. We have a pharmacy inside of a clinic that sees people without insurance and their medication is a lot less expensive than at any other pharmacies. I also keep an eye out on eBay and Craigslist for diabetes supplies. I have bought test strips and pump supplies that way before.

Orwell, OH
where do u live?? Ohio has bcmh for kids under 19...they pay for all supplies and Dr visits to do with diabetes

Pittsburgh, PA
If you have low income the major manufacturers all have assistance programs you may qualify for. Check out the websites of lily, life scan, Bayer, Novo nordisk, etc

Houston, TX Not sure about medications though.

Abington, PA
My husband said to contact the county welfare office and if they give you problems call your doctor. *he has been diabetic for 30 years

Fort Smith, AR
You should be able to sign up for patient assistance with Lily for your insulin & no cost to you . Testing strips you can get at a reduced price with The Charles Ray Foundation on the web. I've used both while no insurance coverage & they saved me. Also bought my pump supplies through them for a third of the cost. Ask your doctor for samples too. Good luck

Sweetwater, TX
Contact insulin company, they may have a program to help

Palm Harbor, FL
You can go to any Walmart and they sell Novolin R & N (slow acting) over the counter without a prescription! They also sell blood sugar test meters for $16 & (50) test strips for $9 Unbelievable! It's been a life saver for me as I am also uninsured. I can't believe Walmart doesn't advertise this.

Palm Harbor, FL
I forgot to say both Insulins only cost $25 each. Just check with your dr before changing your insulin

Saint Clair Shores, MI
They have websites that offer insulin and test strips. Look at the manufactures website that produce your products(contour, ely Whitney,etc.)