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Hey, does anyone have study tips for the unfortunate diabetic? I'm a 1st year med student. I'm always high because I cannot concentrate after lows and I don't want to lose time on that...

24 Answers
Cocoa Beach, FL
Hey Nessie I always found my bloods were unstable during exams also.. I would try and excercise and drink plenty of water also test your blood sugar more than usual . Hope this helps

Florence, ITA
You know that feeling when you just can't force yourself drink something other than coffee? Finales are the worst!

Tel Aviv, ISR
I keep eating every 20 minutes. Small bites. It helps here.

Cocoa Beach, FL
Yeah I understand haha :) just try and relax that's the best thing u can do . Panicking does not help . And neither does too much coffee

Florence, ITA
What do you eat though? Are you using a pump?

United Kingdom, GBR
Try and take your time! I'm studying, I find going a couple of hours at a time not too bad, but having to have a snack as I go low when I'm thinking too hard. Good luck xx

Plainfield, IN
I don't know but if you're a student you probably have to sit a lot. It might be good in between classes to get exercise to ease the stress and high blood sugars. Anxiety can have an effect on your lev

Plainfield, IN
Sugar levels.

Plainfield, IN
I would suggest to eat peanut butter, hard boiled egg or cheese & crackers for snacks. Long acting protein helps.

type 1 diabetes
Newark, DE
Start checking all the time. Literally. Or look into dexcom! Once you know what kinds of weird mean what blood sugar, you'll be able to better control it. I also highly suggest a pump!