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Hi. I’m willing to help if someone needs a backup pump. I have to know you have one already cause I don’t want to get any crap on me by trying to help someone. Send me a message if your Interested in a back up Medtronic insulin pump minimed. 9036918348 serious only. I don’t have time for no shows and jokers

14 Answers
Rome, GA
i do but i need older medtronic to build open asp system. putting parts together for it now.

Texarkana, TX
Text me

Rome, GA
text sent

Omaha, NE
I'm looking for a backup pump as I currently own a 6yo mini-med. I have to personally pay for both pump & all supplies as I use the pump for an "off label" purpose.....cancer

Texarkana, TX
Hi John. I still have this. If still interested look let Me know.

Sandersville, GA
Hey I need a back up. I have a very old Medtronic. And it’s been giving me trouble lately. No insurance to cover and no warranty anymore

Rome, GA
what pump are you needing John. i only have a 723 left

Vernon, CA
Paradigm 522 available msg if interested

Unknown Location
Looking for loop/open aps Medtronic 515/517, 522/722, 523/723, 554/754, 512/712

I have a relatively new 530g for sale. Only used for 3 months...