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Hello... I have some left over Novolog and lantus pens since switching, also Humalog in the vial. Could help with pen needles and possibly other things depending upon the need. Let me know what you need and can do. Thanks

34 Answers
type 1 diabetes
Vista, CA
Need humalog vials badly :) please

type 1 diabetes
i need a novolog or humolog.. please..

type 1 diabetes
Salisbury, MD
im in need of humalog vials

type 1 diabetes
Joliet, IL
Very much need Humalog or Novolog if you have any left please.

I'm looking for humolog pens and lantus pens, 2 boxes of each, message me if you have either

Supporting a spouse: type 1 diabetes
Ranson, WV
if you have any lantus pens left pm me please

Supporting a child: type 1 diabetes
Double Springs, AL
Any Novolog left?

type 1 diabetes
Springfield, MO
Can you please let me know if you have any novolog left? If so how much? Thanks

type 1 diabetes
Pm me $ of Humalog vial

Supporting someone: type 1 diabetes
I have Lantus and Novolog pens