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I'm going to get my first pump ever and I need to fill out papers for the one I want tomorrow. which is better from anyone's experience with the pumps and which did you like best and why ? :D thx.

27 Answers
La Crosse, WI
I've been on medtronic, omnipod, and now tslim. tslim is by far my favorite ! I like the bright color screen and the fact that it's touch screen. No scrolling to enter your blood sugar or carbs. plus it's so much easier for me to see with my retinopathy!

Austin, TX
I was really thinking about t-slim :) it was the favorite one I saw I just needed someone's opinion thanks so much this helped alot.

Randolph, NH
I have the Animas Ping and I love it....the only other pump I'd consider is the T-Slim....but it all boils down to which features are most important to you

Randolph, NH
If you haven't already I'd go on YouTube and watch videos of reviews/site changes for each one

Vero Beach, FL
I have Animas Vibe but I would like to try the t-slim. I do have trouble reading it.

Henderson, NV
I have omnipod and I LOVE it! The tubeless factor is what sold me. plus the fact that I do not have to disconnect for any reason other than to change the sight. Some people say it is bulky but it really doesn't bother me and I'd rather have something stick out a little than to deal with tubing. Either pump you decide you can't go wrong. so much more flexibility than with MDI and way better control. Good luck!

San Antonio, TX
i have a new omnipod and omnipods for sale $200 each if you buy the starter kit with omnipods or $275 each box of pods

Oviedo, FL
If you choose tslim, just know the trial period starts the day they ship it to you. I had a 3 week gap between pump training and ship date so when I wanted to return it they refused because I was 3 days past the trial period. Despite the sales rep telling me there was some flexibility in the return policy, I happily use Animas Ping now.

I have a t flex for sale

I use omnipod and love the freedom of no tubes. The wireless controller for it doesn't have the best interface but it does combine a blood sugar meter so not as many separate things to carry. I've heard other people say they like the tube connected to a pump so they can't forget to take it with them. Ask reps about no risk returns if you don't like a meter and maybe try more than one before settling.