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#gbdoc flying abroad for 1st time since T1 diagnosis. GP wants £18 to write a letter so I can carry meds on flight, anyone else had this?

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Ireland, IRL
I've flown countless times and never been even looked at twice.

Columbia, SC
It can' hurt to have letters. I did have letters when I traveled overseas, but thankful did not have to use them,

Gilbert, AZ
My fiancé has t1d and we flew overseas. All he did was keep it in the prescription boxes and we were ok. He even had a dr's note just to be cautious. Not it wasn't necessary. But you must always be pre

Cocoa Beach, FL
I'm Irish and when I flew to the US 6 weeks ago I just used the form that your pharmacist/chemist used . It worked fine I can't gurantee that it will work for you but it's just what worked for me hope

Cocoa Beach, FL
This help

type 1 diabetes
Alexandra Hills, AUS
I had a letter from my doc when I went on any plane both domestic or overseas

type 1 diabetes
Portland, OR
If the authorities question anything, it certainly helps to have a letter. In the US though, TSA has been taught enough to not question anything diabetes related. (Last week I even got a juice box through security, despite strict liquid restrictions.) Your doctor should offer to write you a letter at no additional cost. They can use a template, and just throw your name on there. This is standard part of diabetes treatment, and should not be served a la carte for more money.

Logan Central, AUS
If you have a pump just be aware when flying you will need to disconnect when going up and coming down and run some insulin through the line, the altitude messes with it

Bedford, GBR
Craig, I must have flown 50 times as a type 1. I've never had an issue with carrying insulin onto a 'plane. You shouldn't need a letter from your GP. Charlie.

Forest Hill, AUS
Yep ya need a letter just in case , some country's like mine Australia customs is so tight ya need paper work!!!