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Feel like the worst m in the world right now! Let my husband take the kids to dinner and a movie, gave my 7 yr old her insulin... 3 hrs later it was at 'high' rechecked and it was at 541! Feel like crap! Didn't calculate her carbs that well! :(

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Irving, TX
But you checked and you caught it and you learned to do something different the next time she has that meal. It is okay.

Kiryat Bialik, ISR
It's happens for time to time... I have diabetes seen i was 4 years old and my parents also deal with that. It's ok to feel like this but take a deep breath and move on with the life!!! The most important thing it's your son ok!!! Now you learned another thing... Good luck

Suwanee, GA
If you have a smartphone, download myfitnesspal and use it to make sure your count is correct. The database is incredible and will take the guess work out of counting carbs.

New Boston, NH
Myfitnesspal rocks! Definitely a must have for T1D's!

New Port Richey, FL
Don't feel bad as a type one mom we are not perfect as an et doctor once told me when my x miss calculated my sons insulin he had to be rushed to the hospital! This is a battle that dose not always comes with instructions and we are not so worried about a high blood sugar more about if your child is being monitored when it comes to key tones a high blood sugar is bad but low is deadly so what you made a mistake one time she fine and no harm done were not perfect! Were parents! Type one moms are super heros!

Supporting a child: type 1 diabetes
Lynnwood, WA
you're an Awesome mom, otherwise u would not here trying to figure stuff out!

we like the calorie king app for all our food searches!

type 2 diabetes
Lansing, MI
calorie king app is great

type 1 diabetes
Portland, OR

Supporting a child: type 1 diabetes
Lynnwood, WA
don't beat yourself up, it happens, just correct... move on. We know your a loving mom!!! point is Did they have a good time? Hugs, tomorrow is a new start!