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Fastest low treatment?

34 Answers
Brooklyn, NY
Glucos gel, tastes horrible but it's really fast acting

Siler City, NC
Glucose tablets

Brooklyn, NY
I find the gel much quicker then the tablets, although the tablets taste a lot better

Brooklyn, NY
And are much cheaper

Siler City, NC
That's good to know. I used to carry juice but that got too much.

Tucson, AZ
juice boxes, glucose tabs, smarties( candy)...

Pittsburgh, PA
Orange juice, regular pop, or glucose gel/tabs

Tacoma, WA
Those goos from REI for energy have a ton of carbs and electrolytes. Careful not to have the whole thing if you don't need it though.

Horrabridge, GBR
I usually have 5 fruit pastilles (sweets)

TX, United States
I stick to juice boxes and glucose tabs. Not the best tasting, but they get the job done.