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What can family members do that is most helpful when dealing with diabetes?

35 Answers
Sackville, AUS
Not be an asshole to the person with diabetes and tell them how to deal with it when they no more about it than you...

Sackville, AUS
And don't let them do it alone because that's when everything goes wrong and they give up trying...

Hendersonville, TN
I always request diabetic friendly food/meals. I ask them not to lecture me or treat me differently.

type 1 diabetes
Parma, OH
My son is type 1. His mom, dad, and brother go with him to the endo appointments. I think it is important to learn the disease and know what to do in emergency situations. I don't make my son take care of himself all of the time, I think it is important to let him have breaks.

Supporting a friend: Home Hemodialysis
Wonderful thoughts everyone! 👏 We'll compile your ideas into a writeup that we can all share with family members

type 2 diabetes
Bondi Junction, AUS
Yes we all have the seem problem in on day will find a cur

Patriot, IN
The best thing to remember is that this is controllable everyone has a option on how they chose to control. There diabetes make sure you chose what is conferrable for u

Columbus, OH
Prepared meals or preparing meals w/diabetic needs in mind

Woonsocket, RI
Be patient,supportive and try to learn as much as possible about this insidious disease. Please don't be dismissive,this is scary stuff.

Indianapolis, IN
Be supportive