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I have extra supplies, insulin pumps and CGMs. See list for details: Dexcom G4 receiver, Dexcom G5 receiver, Omnipod pump and four boxes of Omnipods (exp 9/28/2018), Medtronic 523, Medtronic 723. Let me know if you are interested, shoot me an offer. Thanks

18 Answers
Living with type 1 diabetes since 2015.
Norfolk, VA
Do you have any transmitters and sensors for G4 or g5

Wilmington, DE
Interested in the g4 receiver. Niece lost hers on a roller coaster yesterday and is in desperate need of one soon. Thanks....

supporting a friend with type 1 diabetes since 1980.
Annapolis, MD
How much for the G5 receiver? Is it new?

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1987.
Ridgefield, CT
I'm interested in the 723 - what's the condition? What's be firmware?

supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 2013.
Moskva, RUS
i'm interested in pod and omnipod pump, pls contact me

with type 1 diabetes. with type 2 diabetes.
Unknown Location
how much on medtroinc pump

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1995.
Granada, ESP
Are the insuline pumps still available? Thanks

Bothell, WA
Im looking to buy a dexcom g5 receier, I already have the transmitter. Is it new or used? Why is it being sold & cost?

Bothell, WA
I'm also interested in buying a Medtronics 530 pump, depending on price & condition - thanks for your replies!

Madrid, ESP
Is your Dexcom G4 receiver with share?