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This is really embarrassing but I'm 19 and in college and I peed in the bed. The thing is I didn't know it was happening and I was sleep for a while until I noticed. I forgot to check my sugar at the time but I had never wet the bed before and I had an empty bladder before. What could this mean? :(

Living with type 1 diabetes.
Gainesville, Florida
4 Answers
Wellington, NZL
Is your sugar high now? Has it been high a lot recently? I'd go to see your doctor if possible.

Immingham, GBR
I did this when I was younger and it was because I had a severe hypo in the night and as weird as this sounds my sugars somehow got them selves back up. I was lucky to have my mum to monitor me through the night at that age but if this is happening and you're alone I'd definitely go to the doctors as it could be worse one night n if you're alone it's very hard to deal with a severe hypo

Hazel Park, MI
Sugar too high

Sandgate, GBR
If you have a hypo in the night your liver will react by chucking sugar at it which might mean you would then be high in the morning.