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Since Dr. Oz covered diabetes today this is again under my skin. Type 1 & Type 2 are not the same! Are there any other type 1 diabetics annoyed with how diabetes is classified or am I being to particular?

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New Boston, NH
I hate how they are lumped together! So frustrating!

Wellington, NZL
It drives me up the wall too. I so wish they would change the names to make the difference clearer. I hate the perception that my disease is anything other than bad luck- I didn't cause it, I couldn't have prevented it, and I don't appreciate people thinking that I brought it on myself.

I don't really let it get to me. Yes they are different but in some ways they are the same. Honestly I don't think it matters to me because I know people who think type 1 is the worst and type 2 is for people with bad lifestyles. That is the stigma of it but I know it's not true. There are particular things that are different about the two and should be treated as such, but when you're trying to educate a population that knows nothing about it, it's hard to make them see every difference there is. Everyone had their own opinions, but I don't let it get to me however I don't let a lot get to me haha

Dunkirk, IN
I agree with u Laura. I told someone that I just found out that I have diabetes and they acted like it was my fault! Kind of made me mad.

Hardwicke, GBR
There are all types that get annoyed by the thought - not just type 1's.

Living with type 2 diabetes since 1998.
Memphis, TN
Remember, the medical field still consider themselves practicing. They generalize so the waters are mucky. We specify our illness when circumstances arise.

Immingham, GBR
I get annoyed because people often look at me when I say I'm diabetic and look shocked because I'm not obese... It's not just large peoole with diabetes especially type 1

Great Neck, NY
People even doctors don't have a clue about the specifics. I had doctors telling me I didn't need to take my insulin after surgery since I couldn't eat for 4 days. They didn't get that Type 1's must always take Insulin. Clueless. Of course you are not being sensitive about it. Just try to ignore it like all other stupidity.

Lima, OH
I'm type 2 and I hate when people think if you diet and lose weight it will go away.

Brownsville, PA
I'm with you. My daughter is five she was diagnosed with type one in July. I can't tell u how many times I've been asked - does she have the "good kind or the bad kind?" HELLO people! Educate yourself. I didn't know there was ever a time to have a lifelong disease with no cure that was good!!!! Really- no different than asking someone do you have good cancer or bad?!@$$@ frustrating and sad at the same time. Is this how uneducated and clueless people are these days. Sorry- just needed to vent!