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What's the difference between a G4 and G5 sensor ? I'm in the process of getting a dexcom and I'm very excited! But I don't know much ? Is it water proof ? Do you have to use skin tac?

5 Answers
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Their is nothing at this moment. Their maybe in the future

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G4 transmitters last 6 months where G5 last 3 months ... the G5 can be paired via Bluetooth to a phone via the app...., the G4 can't unless it's G4 with share ..... if you insurance is paying for everything I suggest G5 and it is water proof ... I use skin tac because after a few days the adhesive will start to come loose :) also gif grips will help too!

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Thanks that was very helpful 😊 and I use skin tac for my omnipod as well

I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 2006.I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 2006.
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g5 the brains of the operation are all built into the transmitter along with blue tooth. G4 transmitter it just tgat a transmitter, no brains, the receiver has the brains of the operation. a G4 adult share receiver will have the same algorythim as a G5. so we have stuck with the g4 and gotten adult share receivers because the transmitter last a 9 to 13 months in my experience compared to the 112 days max per G5 transmitter. ( unless using xdrip+)

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Dexcom has engineered the G5 transmitter to shut down in 3 months even if the batteries still have a charge.