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I have been diagnosed since the 5th grade I'm now 18 and my doctor wants me to look into the pump .. How do you feel about it ?!

57 Answers
Stoke-on-Trent, GBR
my brother is 4, he was diagnosed before he was 1. we havent been given that option yet but i think when hes older its quite a good idea

Fort Smith, AR
I've been insulin dependent since I was a teen ( 32 years ) & have been on a pump for 15 plus years & love it. I haven't been in the hospital since I started the pump. My A1C runs between mid 5's to low 6's. You have so much more freedom with meal times & just feel so much better on it. Try a Medtronic pump because in my book they are the best but of course it's the only type I've had. Good luck

Magnolia, DE
I am type 1. Brittle diabetic. Fasting bg's were bad. I had to take so much lantis to control the night that I had to feed my insulin all day. With the pump and continuous BGM I get alerts over 250 and below 90. And am in much better shape. I have even gotten my A1C's normal. It makes my life just like the non-diabetics. Very seldom to I peak or drop. LOVE it. My techpancreas!

Ingleburn, AUS
I have been a T1 for 17 years and on injections. Doctors have mentioned a pump to me a few times, but I just don't feel the need, plus I don't want something permanently attached to me. I have good control still a1c are 5.9 so think I go okay without it. If you are struggling with control you may want to look into it though. I think if it would benefit then go for it :) but if you have good control then it's an option not a necessity.

Knoxville, TN
I have been T1 for over 23 years and 19 years on a pump. I love it!! I have taken a pump vacation for 1 year but decided I wanted to go back. You can have multiple basal rates. 6 different ones in 24 hrs. Also can have separate basals for different times of the month. Very flexible especially if you are very active.

Tempe, AZ
I love my pump and would highly suggest it.

Worcester, MA
A life saver for a diabetic The wireless Omni pod my son been on since age 2, he's 9 now. It's the best thing for a diabetic

Worcester, MA
Plus the fact it's wireless

Osseo, MN
I love my pump I've had it for 6 months and have had no problems with it.

Windradyne, AUS
Pump is amazing!!!