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I might have diabetes, can anyone help me with any weight loss tips.

6 Answers
Youngstown, OH
Best way to lose weight is to exercise and cut back on portions. I have tried everything and these are truly the only way to go.

Boca Del Mar, FL
Exercise!!! Cardio walking.... Portion control and healthier choices in lifestyle

Salem, IL
I stop eating carbs and walk every evening when I have a chance cos I have a disable son so can't just leave him home alone

Laurinburg, NC
Hi! I walk daily until my RA started to flair up Stay away from fast food Keep a good food diary & count your cal I lost almost 60lb gain 20 of it back but I'm going to get back on schedule Good luck & stay focus

Huntington, IN
Less carbs and lots more exercise

Minneapolis, MN
Grass fed meat filled package foods no sugar don't need to go to body balance more info