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If you have diabetes, what is your go to emergency snack for low blood sugar? We're looking for some new ideas!

36 Answers
Norman, OK
I use gummy worms hope that isn't too bad of a idea idk I have end stage renal disease and I cannot drink orange juice so I use gummy candy for low blood sugar and it won't harm my kidneys like chocolate does

type 1 diabetes
Tel Aviv, ISR
I also use gummy bears. I know how many I need for 15g sugar.

United Kingdom, GBR
Pure orange juice and biscuits

Hillsdale, NY
Sunkist fruit gems

San Antonio, TX
Peppermint or a glass of juice

Saint Clair Shores, MI
Honey; OJ, those Rocket Candies - 1 small tube =7g.

Hardwicke, GBR
Granola bars are supposed to be good for lows :) but I carry glucose tablets with me for lows. If I carry candy around I'm too tempted to eat it :)

Brinsworth, GBR
Small can of sugared pop

Arlington, VA
Glucose tabs (Glucolift, specifically) and small juice boxes.

Leesburg, VA
My doctor said half of juice and check again I'm 15 mini if it doesn't go up drink the rest.3-5 glucose tabs.....been for 9 years.