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Diabetes community: has anyone switched from Humalog to Novolog and noticed any difference/bad side effects? About to switch. thx #diabetes

42 Answers
Oconomowoc, WI
I have switches back and forth several times due to insurance changes. I never noticed any need for a dosage change. Both seemed identical to me.

Lawrence, KS
Should be equivalent. We had better success with Novolog in pump/tubing...less errors/tubing changes. :)

Black Canyon City, AZ
I had a dose change with it, but may have been due to better pump stability with the Novolog. Although logically they should be equivalent. Just be extra cautious the first few days just in case.

Madison, WI
Just switched from Novolog to Humalog due to insurance coverage changes and have been experiencing mild to moderate all-over skin itching that is driving me crazy. Could be something else is the cause, but I haven't ruled it out.

Orange, CA
Was on Novolog, Humalog now Humalin R & N. Not really.

Unknown Location
My son just switched from Humalog to Novalog and noticed an immediate difference in his basal...uses a pump. After a slight adjustment to the numbers, all is well. We are noticing that Novalog also seems to be faster acting. (Our change was due to insurance too...Novalog is 100% covered, Humalog was $300/bottle until the $5000 deductible is paid)

Orange, CA
Wow! That co-pay is ridiculous.

Whitehouse, OH
I made the same switch (Humalog to Novolog due to insurance) about 7 years ago and had no noticeable change. I think it's a common insurance requirement. How it works out for you as well.

Mancelona, MI
Novolog I think works much smoother for me. Predictable in a good way 👍🏼

Tacoma, WA
I would switch to two Insurance to and and using an insulin pump the NovoLog seems to work a lot faster and better than the Humalog I was taking you I ended up being hospitalized and I'm now waiting to see an endocrinologist to have them adjust my basal rates so according to the doctors I've talked to you it supposed to work the same as Humalog but as testified by other people hear the results vary sorry for the typos I'm using the voice to text feature and it's making all kinds of mistakes